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Non-Commissioned Officer the Embodiment of the Corps’ History and Tradition free essay sample

Stalinsky,Travis Class 318-13 20121202 Squad #1 â€Å"How is the Modern Corps’ Non-appointed Officer the Embodiment of the Corps’ History and Tradition? † The United States Marine Corps non-appointed officials are the Marines who have demonstrated that they are qualified to deal with the obligation to lead junior Marines. The foundation of the Marine Corps as they have been depicted as. Their activity isn't only a couple tasks’ it’s a huge assortment of undertakings. It expects them to be proficient, have boldness, and honesty to set the model for others to follow and look to for direction; in this way copying the corps history nd customs. Since forever the dependability and duty past NCO’s have shown made it a custom to educate the new NCO’s getting rank to carry on the norm, which present day NCO’s can be glad for and continue with satisfaction. When thinking again into Marine Corps history of Medal of Honor beneficiaries, the first on to get the Medal of Honor was Cpl. We will compose a custom article test on Non-Commissioned Officer the Embodiment of the Corps’ History and Tradition or on the other hand any comparable point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page John Mackie. He was the very image of a Marine setting the correct model as a non-appointed. On May 15, 1862 while on board the U. S. S Galena in the Fort Darling assault at Drewry’s Bluff. â€Å"As adversary shellfire raked the deck of his boat, Cpl. Mackie courageously kept up his black powder gun discharge against the rifle pits along the shore, and when he was requested to fill opening at firearms brought about by men injured and slaughtered in real life, he kept an eye on the weapons with ability and courage†. This standard he set of moment and willing submission to requests and fearlessness is still what NCO’s right up 'til the present time maintain. At the point when the word Marine is heard by regular citizens, the word â€Å"loyal† goes to the highest point of their head. The cutting edge Marine NCO’s are faithful to everything that is critical to them and the Marine Corps. They gladly and steadfastly serve their nation, their Corps, their unit, and themselves. They should demonstrate reliability to their lesser Marines. It’s their business to mke sure their lesser Marines have the correct apparatuses to be effective, and should consistently point them justified for heading; in this manner picking up the lesser Marines trust and regard. The Marine Corps relies upon these basics to have the option to have proficient units, to have successful pioneers to lead Marines into fight, and for Marines to have the option to confide in each other with one another with their lives. Presently we quick forward from Cpl. John Mackie, who was granted the primary Medal of Honor, to a present day NCO who was additionally granted the Medal of Honor. This Marine showed a bounty of mental fortitude, which eclipses all qualities; without it we are destined to miss the mark in the various characteristics. On September 8, 2009 in Kunar area, Afghanistan, Cp. Dakota Meyer kept up security at a watch rally point while different colleagues by walking with two units of the afghan National Army and Border Patrol into the town of Ganjgal for a pre-day break meet with the town seniors. The watch wound up being trapped by in excess of fifty foe warriors. Cpl. Meyer heard over the radio that four U. S. colleagues were cut off on their way back to wellbeing. Cpl. Meyer had a kindred Marine do the driving while he took up the uncovered gunner’s position in a weapon truck in endeavor to upset the foe assault and find his individual colleagues. Cpl. Meyer holding onto the boldness to make this strong and courageous activity, while under extraordinary foe fire, slaughtered various adversary contenders, made several outings sparing and looking for his companions. His mind boggling fortitude permitted him to focus on the risky errand of helping his kindred Marines. This shows why fearlessness is the most significant attribute on the grounds that without it how might you face your feelings of dread to settle on the disagreeable choice? How might you have the intestinal backbone to act as a Marine on and off the clock continually settling on the correct choices? To remain before your companions and subordinates and show them information? This is the reason NCO’s can lead is on the grounds that they have the fearlessness to do what is essential. Present day Marine NCO’s are the genuine exemplification of the Corps history and conventions in light of the fact that as pioneers they stress the expert estimations of their initiative ideas, for example, dedication to the Corps, devotion to their country, steadfastness to their units, showing magnanimous administrations, and their expert duties as a NCO. The two Marine NCO’s that I have talked about have shown crucial purposes of the Corps history and conventions. The Corps esteems, authority attributes, and administration rules that were shown was fortitude, dedication, and setting the model. Their activities have set the measures which present day Marine NCO’s invest heavily in and keep on maintaining the custom.

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Randomised control trial of a smoking cessation intervention directed Essay

Randomized control preliminary of a smoking suspension intercession coordinated at men whose accomplices are pregnant - Critical Review - Essay Example rther see how an appropriate intercession program can help in expanding the quit rates among men as the level of quit rate was seen as additional in the mediation bunch contrasted with the control. The examination is totally advocated as labor may speak to the best chance to build smoking suspension rates among men 2,3. Men may stop smoking on realizing that the spouse is pregnant and will likewise keep away from the equivalent for a couple of years after labor 4. The investigation object was clear. The examination was a multicomponent intercession study utilizing a defined, randomized control preliminary, with an expectation to treat investigation. The examination was led at 2 enormous Brisbane metropolitan medical clinics as a team with the University of Queensland. Over a time of 35 months, men whose accomplices were pregnant and who met the qualification rules (ought to be male, be an accomplice of a lady under 25 weeks pregnant, living with her and be a present cigarette smoker of at any rate 10 cigarettes for each day inside 3 days of the standard meeting) were enlisted into the program. These qualified members were delineated dependent on the smoking status of the female accomplice and afterward randomized to control or intercession gathering. Members were blinded to assemble distribution. The investigation was a subjective report. It was anything but a quantitative report as numerical outcome was not the endpoint. The fundamental point of the investigation was to decide how well the mediation program would help in end of smoking. Lady who set up for the open antenatal centers at two huge Brisbane metropolitan emergency clinics were gotten some information about their smoking status, their accomplices smoking status and contact subtleties. From the data gave men who satisfied the qualification rules were chosen. The qualified members were delineated dependent on the smoking status of their female accomplices at a focal area by a staff part not associated with the enlistment or meetings. They were at that point

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How to Write a Term Paper Without a Panic Attack

How to Write a Term Paper Without a Panic AttackStudents who are struggling with their college term papers may find themselves overwhelmed. There are a number of things you can do to help yourself deal with this stress and learn how to write a term paper without a panic attack. Of course, there are other methods of getting through college term papers that are quite effective, but you should avoid those as well. The following suggestions are the ones that have worked well for me and if you take the time to apply them, you too can learn how to write a term paper without a panic attack.Research. After you've chosen the topic you want to write about, research it well. Make sure that you are knowledgeable in the subject matter so that you don't have to deal with a lot of confusion after you're done writing the paper.Review your research. After you've done all of your research, summarize the information you've collected in one or two paragraphs. Make sure that each paragraph is detailed en ough so that it doesn't just repeat what you've already written. In addition, make sure that you apply some critical thinking skills by asking yourself whether or not the information you've gathered matches up with what you know.Take notes. Remember that your college term paper isn't an essay. Use shorthand when you have to and make sure that you use it properly.Organization. Your college term paper will be the single most important thing that you will ever write, so make sure that you have organized it properly. Make sure that you write in a manner that is easy to read and that it makes sense in the context of the material that you have written.Don't worry about your spelling. Do your best to write good English and avoid excessive repetition. People who do well on their papers tend to stick to simple and straight forward language that is easy to understand. Use a dictionary if you need to as well.Punctuation. You won't be writing an essay, so don't worry about your grammar or punct uation. Use all of the punctuation marks and spell check and proofread your work. Your grades are only going to suffer if you let your writing suffer.Hopefully you'll have learned some of the good old-fashioned paper writing techniques that have helped me deal with my college term papers. Good luck!

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Concepts In Organizational Behavior Essay - 1432 Words

Organizational behavior is the study of the many factors that have an impact on how people and groups act, think, feel, and respond to work and organizations and how organizations respond to their environments. (George Jones, 2005) Organizational behavior is particularly important to managers, who are responsible for supervising the activities of one of more employees. A manager has four principal functions or duties of management. These include; the process of planning, organizing and leading an organizations human, financial, material, and others resources to increase its effectiveness. (George Jones, 2005) Planning involves establishing the organizations strategy and deciding how to best allocate and use resources to achieve†¦show more content†¦(Clawson, 2005) Every employee at Aberdeen is assigned to a team. A team leader is chosen by the team from among volunteers. Team leaders are an important part of team organization. One Aberdeen team leader describes the role in this way; Team leaders facilitate. If there is a problem, you dont solve it, you get the team together in a meeting to solve it. Success is the teams responsibility, not the team leaders. One thing that works against this process is when people just dont want that responsibility and withhold from involving themselves. (Clawson, 2005) FMC Aberdeen is working under the principle of self-managed teams. This type of management could also be utilized by the FMC Green River facility. Self Ââ€"managed teams are groups of employees who are given the authority and responsibility to manage many different aspects of their own organizational behavior. (George Jones, 2005) Despite the large number of workers employed by Green River this concept could still be useful as the number of teams would simply be increased. Organizational Commitment Organizational commitment relates to feelings and beliefs about the employing organization as a whole. Affective commitment exists when employees are happy to be members of an organization, believe inShow MoreRelatedOrganizational Concepts Of Organizational Behavior2210 Words   |  9 Pages Organizational behavior application Today’s organizations are constantly facing the challenges of different behaviors and their impact on the lives of people involved in the daily grind in seeking best possible ways to deal with issues confronting them as they work on accomplishing assigned tasks. When leaders have the knowledge and capacity to handle the many intricacies of organizational behaviors, it will be easier for them to find solutions to said issues and follow the path to success. As IRead MoreOrganizational Behavior Terminology and Concept779 Words   |  4 PagesOrganizational Behavior Terminology and Concept When small business owners start the concept of what type of business one would like to own, an array of critical thinking starts and a business owner has to consider questions that will make or break his or her success. Owners, who pay attention to the current rise and fall of stock for his or her chosen business, will have the upper hand against competitors. An owner who knows his or her competitors is a small part in the grand scheme of owning anRead MoreOrganizational Behavior and Its Key Concepts1130 Words   |  5 PagesOrganization Behavior and its Key Concepts To understand organizational behavior you must understand its key concepts and terminology. Organizational behavior â€Å"is a multidisciplinary field devoted to understanding individual and group behavior, interpersonal processes and organizational dynamics.† (Schermerhorn, 2005 p. 3). An organization’s behavior is significant in determining its success as a business and with its employees. Working conditions, production and employee performanceRead MoreOrganizational Behavior, Terms, and Concepts997 Words   |  4 PagesOrganizational Behavior, Terms, and Concepts Nemo MGT307 October 25, 2011 R.R. Organizational Behavior, Terms, and Concepts For a business to be successful there must be a well-built foundation amongst its human resources. These workers must be kept content. In turn, they work hard and increase productivity. Organizational behavior is a way to observe the employees, while Organizational culture aids in bringing the people of the firm together. This is done by letting theRead MoreOrganizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts751 Words   |  4 PagesOrganizational Behavior Organizations have been described as groups of people who work interdependently toward some purpose. This definition clearly indicates that organizations are not buildings or pieces of machinery. Organizations are, indeed, people who interact to accomplish shared objectives. The study of organizational behavior (OB) and its affiliated subjects helps us understand what people think, feel and do in organizational settings. For managers and, realistically, all employees, thisRead MoreOrganizational Behavior Management Concepts 2891 Words   |  12 PagesKotter’s Leading Change Concepts/ Organizational Behavior Management Concepts XXXXXXXX Webster University MNGT 5590 Dr. Victoria Bohrer May 11, 2011 Abstract This paper compares and contrasts the concepts found on John P. Kotter’s, Leading Change (1996), book and the concepts presented by John M. Ivancevich, Robert Konopske and Michael T. Mattenson’s Organizational Behavior and Management text book. Kotter emphasizes in each step the importance of dealing with human emotions and howRead MoreOrganizational Behavior And Concepts Essay970 Words   |  4 Pagesculture. Organization culture â€Å"is the set of shared values, beliefs, and norms that influences the way employees think, feel, and behave toward each other, and toward people outside the organization† (George, Jones, 2005, p.33). One can observe organizational culture when they enter into a boutique to buy clothing. Usually immediately people are greeted by the customer service employees, and asked if they can be helped. Without this form of customary customer service, the business will likely failRead More Organizational Behavior Terminology And Concepts Ess ay975 Words   |  4 PagesUnderstanding organizational behavior is important for everyone involved in an organization, not just the leadership and management teams. By gaining and understanding this knowledge each employee should be able to realize how their individual actions contribute to the big picture of the company. In order to understand this there are some key concepts and terminology that must be explained to make the learning process more manageable. Organizational Behavior What is organizational behavior? AccordingRead MoreOrganizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Paper850 Words   |  4 PagesOrganizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Paper The following essay will be described the organizational behavior terminology and concepts applied in the organization. The following topics will be presented: Organization culture as internal and external environment of control. Diversity as of individual differences based on gender, race and ethnicity, age, disabilities, and sexual orientation. As the last subject communication as the human skill that helps the organization to work well withRead MoreEssay on Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts1024 Words   |  5 PagesOrganizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The behavior of employees within any organization is paramount to the success or failure of that organization. The study of organizational behavior is a science with its own vocabulary and terminology. This essay will describe some of the more common key concepts and terminology and relate those to the modern United States Navy.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã¢â‚¬Å"An organization is, simply, a body of people organized for some specific purpose† (communication, 2005)

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Financial Accounting Concepts And Practices - 958 Words

Arab Open University B291: TMA – 2nd Semester 2016-2017 About TMA: The TMA covers the financial accounting concepts and practices in the businesses. It is marked out of 100 and is worth 20% of the overall assessment component. It is intended to assess students’ understanding of some of the learning points within Books 1 to 5. This TMA requires you to apply the course concepts. The TMA is intended to: ïÆ'Ëœ Increase the students’ knowledge about the reality of the accounting as a profession. ïÆ'Ëœ Assess students’ understanding of key learning points within Books 1 to 5. ïÆ'Ëœ Develop the ability to understand and interact with the nature of the financial statements in reality. ïÆ'Ëœ Develop students’ communication skills, such as memo writing,†¦show more content†¦Today, Almarai is the largest vertically integrated dairy company in the Middle East. During the early 1990s, Almarai entered a period of restructuring and reinvestment that took it from a decentralized to a centralized structure. Five decentralized processing plants were replaced with a central processing plant. Also ten small scattered dairy farms were replaced with four large dairy farms in Al Kharj in the central region. 2005 brought many developments for Almarai, a second larger central processing plant was commissioned, incorporating a new cheese plant, two new super-farms were commissioned and Almarai a publicly listed company that has around 70,000 shareholders. Access the Al Marai home page at: Access to â€Å"Investors† then â€Å"Annual reports Financial information†, and then finally download â€Å"2015 Annual Report in PDF form†. You can directly access the annual report on the below link:, and download the Annual report 2015 in PDF format. Instructions Use the 2015 Annual report of Al Marai to answer the following questions: 1- The presentation of financial accounting information is governed by a combination of legal requirements and accounting regulations and conventions. Different types of business entities are governed by different requirements for the preparation of financial statements. Discuss the different elements of financial statement and supportShow MoreRelatedThe International Integrated Reporting Council Essay1613 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction This essay has been requested by the one of the Big 4 accounting firms in New Zealand, in which they include Deloitte, Price Waterhouse Coopers, KPMG and Ernst and Young to prepare a contextual essay in relation to Integrated Reporting (). In this document, it will pay specific attention to explaining what is , it’s emergence and deliver a reasonable judgment as to whether it should develop the new form of regulated accounting practice in New Zealand within the next 5 years for KPMG. The paperRead MoreEssay about Discuss the Need for Regulation in Financial Reporting1524 Words   |  7 Pagesfor Regulation in Financial Reporting There is a need for regulation in financial reporting because of a number of reasons. There are several major user groups of financial reporting, some of which include equity investor groups, employee groups, analyst adviser group, the government, the public and other stakeholders. These different stakeholders however, need to be able to interpret and use financial information in a systematic way in order to make the necessary financial decisions. If theseRead MoreThe Basic Concepts Upon Which Financial Accounting is Based Essay1381 Words   |  6 PagesThe Basic Concepts Upon Which Financial Accounting is Based Terms of Reference To prepare a short report, which will explain the basic concepts upon which financial, accounting is based. The need for accounting standards and why companies must comply with them. The Need for Accounting Standards In order for the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets accounts to make sense to users who rely on them for their decision making purposes, there has to be consistencyRead MoreThe Entity Concept Of Accounting1520 Words   |  7 PagesThe Entity Concept in accounting states transactions associated with one business or entity must be separate from additional businesses owned by the same person. This requires separate books, accounts, assets, liabilities and anything separately associated with each business. This concept is imperative as it is required by federal law and GAAP principals. B. Reliability Principal The reliability principle is the concept of only recording those transactions in the accounting system that you can verifyRead MoreBasic Accounting Concepts and Business Structures971 Words   |  4 PagesBasic Accounting Concepts and Business Structures Shannon Goshert ACC 537 July 25, 2010 Angela Rose Abstract Basic accounting concepts and business structures go hand-in-hand. Usually the business structure will determine the type of accounting concepts it will use. Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) are needed for effective accounting information. Basic Accounting Concepts and Business Structures Basic accounting concepts and business structures are important to a business’sRead MoreHomework Week 1 Accounting984 Words   |  4 Pages1-2. Identify and describe the five environmental differences between governments and for-profit business enterprises as identified in the Governmental Accounting Standards Boards Why Governmental Accounting and Financial Reporting Is—and Should Be—Different. The five environmental differences include mission/purpose, source of revenue, potential longevity, relationship with stakeholders, and role of budget. The mission/purpose is defined by the goals of the organization. The purpose of aRead More7101AFE Financial Accounting Theory And Practice Essay970 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿7101AFE Financial Accounting Theory and Practice Tutorial Questions for Tutorials 1- 6: Semester 1 2015 TUTORIAL 1 - Semester 1 2015 Deegan Topic 1: Introduction to financial accounting theory QUESTION 1 – Question 1.2: If you developed a theory to explain how a person’s cultural background influences how they prepare financial statements, would you have developed a positive theory or a normative theory? The first of all, it is important to understand the mean by a ‘theory’. According to ContemporaryRead MoreHealthcare Accounting Principles and Ethics1160 Words   |  5 PagesFinancial Management, Reporting Practices, and Ethical Standards in Health Care Finance Allison Moore Financial Management, Reporting Practices, and Ethical Standards in Health Care Finance Health care managers have many responsibilities, which support their roles in creating and maintaining successful organizations. A key responsibility managers undertake is the ability to manage financials appropriately. First and foremost, financial management is a decision science. Whereas accountingRead MoreCausal Effect of Creative Accounting on Financial Reporting and Decision Making.1075 Words   |  5 PagesEFFECT OF CREATIVE ACCOUNTING ON FINANCIAL REPORTING AND DECISION MAKING. (A Survey of Selected Financial Institutions in Nigeria) By: Jackson Etibensi A Concept Note Submitted to the University of Calabar, Graduate School as Prerequisite for Admission into MSc. Accounting, Faculty of Management Sciences. INTRODUCTION: Financial Statements provides information that is used by interested parties (users) to assess and appraise the performance and financial Status of managersRead MoreImportance Of Iasb Conceptual Framework981 Words   |  4 PagesEssay Accounting The conceptual framework for accounting is a report of rules which demonstrate commonly established guidance for the evolvement of new reporting practices and for improvement of the already existing ones. The most recognisable and frequently used conceptual framework is invented in 1989 by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). (Financial accounting, p7 Pearson). The Conceptual Framework also discusses the question about the importance of characteristic of handful

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A Unique Spin On Marriage - 2506 Words

Katie Brennan Dr. Deborah McCollister 3 November 2014 ENGL 2302.03 A Unique Spin on Marriage In the play Tartuffe, Molià ¨re portrays marriage in a unique way. He expresses a different perspective on marriage that most people would disagree with. In the play, marriage never seems to base around love but rather seems to be a very serious part of their life. Mariane submits to her father because during this time period the father was able to choose whom his daughter would marry. This submission is not based on love but rather who her father enjoys the best. It puts a great deal of pressure on the father to make the right decision. Marriage to Tartuffe would have caused Mariane a lifetime of discontent and it would have also associated the†¦show more content†¦Listening only to Tartuffe’s voice, He’d break four hearts at once-† (1.3.7) Damis makes it very clear that marriage a very serious matter. Love may be present, but it is more of a political affair to him. He does not hesitate to express how he truly feels. Damis spends a lot of time trying t o fight with Tartuffe but never gets the chance. He is eager to marry Valà ¨re’s sister. He is determined to marry her but also keeps an open mind incase it does not work out. This optimistic mindset is a great quality Damis possesses. He knows exactly what he wants but stays positive incase it does not work out. This was something interesting about his character that distinguished him from the rest. We also see view towards in marriage in a conversation with Clà ©ante and Orgon. â€Å"Clà ©ante says, There s one more thing-no more debate- I want to change the subject, if I might. I heard that you said the other night, To Valà ¨re, he’d be your son-in law. Orgon says, I did. Clà ©ante says, And set the date? Orgon says, Yes (1.5.179). Here we see marriage being talked about in political matter yet again. Clà ©ante knows exactly what he wants and will not stop until Valà ¨re marries Mariane. He is confident everything will work out just as he has planned. Clà ©ante has everything planned out but things don’t go his way. This was definitely a learning experience for him because he tried to force something to happen that

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Slipping free essay sample

â€Å"How about a shot for the pretty girl in the corner?† the boy sitting across the room yells. Everyone chants in agreement. Lights fade as I find myself engulfed by smoke; the haze sifts through my hair. Virgin lungs cough as the foreign chemicals begin to fill in the room. A quick glance around the room confirms my creeping fear I am not somewhere I should be. The people surrounding me are not my close friends, but are strangers with blank faces, showing nothing but the brand of alcohol they are downing. It is the typical high school scene, and I can feel myself slipping. The words are flowing out of my mouth, my hands stressing every syllable. My powerful voice and gregarious nature has led me to become the girl with many friends. My blonde hair brushes against my back; I am slipping. The shot is poured and is being passed around as if it is as pure as water. We will write a custom essay sample on Slipping or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It enters my hand and I rub it against my fingers; the clear liquid is beginning to look enticing. I am slipping. â€Å"You are gonna have the time of your life!† they all shout in encouragement. The doubts that I have pushed back are resurfacing though: this is not honorable; this is not the time of my life. My heart is not beating with delight and I am not proud of myself. I throw the small glass cup away from me with disgust, realizing that this party scene will never be me. The others’ mouths part in surprise, them too questioning their judgement. In that moment, I felt more like a leader than I ever have before. In analyzing those few seconds, I envisioned myself on two different paths. My first path was as a typical teenager, living a life of short-lived pleasure. The second path was of me using my assertive and amiable nature to lead others to impact the world in a positive way. One engulfed my body in disgust; the other made my heart beat with passion.